terry-mann-headshot-aRev. Dr. Terry L. Mann
is the Pastor of both the Pleasant Unity Presbyterian Church in Tarentum and the Deer Creek Presbyterian Church in Gibsonia. He has been in ministry for over 35 years ranging from bi-vocational ministry, to working in the non-profit sector, to pastoring churches varying from less than one hundred to several thousand in three states. He was the founder of the TWOgether Pittsburgh Project, an arm of Family Guidance, Inc. serving over 10,000 individual in the Greater Pittsburgh area in healthy relationship skills. In addition to pastoring the two local congregations, he is the Executive Director of the Lutheran Service Society, a non-profit ministry with services covering most of the Western Pennsylvania area. He leads a staff of 50 individuals in 12 locations.

Terry holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Temple Theological Seminary in Chattanooga, TN as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from Northern Theological Seminary in Chicago and had further study at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He has been married for 42 years to his wife Kay. They are natives of North Carolina. Terry and Kay are the parents of three children and eleven grandchildren.

He is the author of Prayers Concerning Our Sexuality, and has been a contributing author of other books, journal articles, poetry, and drama scenes. Terry is an avid cyclist and enjoys watching many sporting events including college basketball and NASCAR.
Who is he . . . really?

Q: Do you sit in your chair and drink coffee all day, or do you get outside?

A: I am an avid cyclist. For me, if I do not get in at least 20 miles on a ride, it is not even as if I have gone out. I ride a Trek 5200, the same basic bike Lance Armstrong once rode.

Q: Favorite Non- Alcoholic Beverage

A: Coca- Cola! Pepsi tastes like someone left a coke on the counter, let it go flat, added some sugar and rebottled it. My idea of hell is to drink a Pepsi and do a jig saw puzzle.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Is chocolate a food?

Q: What is your middle name and does it have significance?

A: My middle name is “Lee.” It is a tribute to my southern heritage. My father’s middle name was Lee as was his grandfather. My son Richard has the same middle name and his son Gideon likewise has the middle name Lee. We are proud of it, so be careful what you say!

Q: Favorite Musical Group

A: Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan. I have all of the Nicks-Buckingham era CDs. I listen to lots of classic rock. My favorite guitarist are Lindsey Buckingham and Mark Knopfler.

Q: What type books do you read?

A: I am pretty much strictly a non-fiction reader. I do enjoy some classics in fiction, but for the most part I read theology, church leadership, along with some various other non-fiction.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: I actually do not have a single favorite movie. There are about 15 movies in my top three. The list includes but is not limited to: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Back to the Future trilogy; Planes, Trains and Automobiles; It’s a Wonderful Life; Terminator trilogy; Tombstone, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Matrix trilogy. If I were forced to choose one – I would select the original The Matrix for its postmodern themes, spiritual metaphors and language.


Q: What is your favorite sport on TV?

A: Actually there are two. I enjoy college basketball. I have little use for the NBA and have been a Duke fan my entire life! I was a fan even in the days when they stunk up the ACC. I am also a NASCAR fan. Hey, I am a southern hick, what can I say?

Q: Who were your sports “heroes”?

A: Using the term “hero” loosely – Sandy Koufax, Johnny Unitas and Dale Earnhardt, Sr. (I was in junior high with him before he dropped out.)

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

A: Beside sports, I have always been a fan of Star Trek. I like the Next Generation best along with the original. The other series get in line after that.  This is true, even though I do not believe there is life on other planets. Go figure.

Q: What is your favorite vacation location?

A: My favorite vacation spot is The Outer Banks of NC. I have enjoyed going there for more than three decades. But my ideal trip would be to once again travel to Israel. I went in 2000, and want to return.

Q: How did you wind up a Presbyterian?

A: ‘uh . . . Don’t ask.

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Carol Heere, Music Director and Organist